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HC water industry Internet Conference held water

发布日期:2015/11/30 16:58:05 浏览次数:4406
According to reports, Summit activities are divided into two parts and brand event. On the Forum, business representatives discussed the: breaking new normal water companies to embrace the Internet, "wisdom" How can water industry development trend of the era of cross-border integration of the two issues. Brand event award ceremony, presented the industry influence brand, consumer satisfaction with the brand, the commercial value of the investment brand and industry competitiveness brand and other awards.

"The purpose of the event was held in the brand we would like to explore in the whole Internet + background and environment, our water business and dealer friends, how to be more remarkable." HC partner, general manager HC water network 仇德勇 expressed in his speech.

Under China's economic "new normal" household appliance market, overall growth slowed, the water industry is thriving, the current overall penetration of water purification equipment, but only 3% -5%, far lower than Japan and South Korea and other places 70 % or more penetration. This huge gap legend prospects water industry, but want to take off, have to rely on the general trend of the times. Premier Li Keqiang made the two sessions this year: the development of 'Internet +' action plan, promote commerce, industry and healthy development of the Internet and Internet banking.

"HC face 'Internet +' the big trend, the market began the transition to 2.0 B2B1.0 market, more concerned about the transaction." When it comes to HC purification Choude Yong spoke network strategy, HC water network has been constantly break , to build a future trading platform with water purifier manufacturers, distributors core ties, cultivate the habit of users online transactions. On this basis, build a financial platform and third-party services and logistics platform.

He said the HC for different users can bring targeted convenience. For dealers, it can bring free goods, centralized purchasing, dealmaking, provide funding to ensure and improve the service and other resources; for machine and accessories, it can be for enterprises Distribution, shorten links, installation and after-sale purchase and other resources.

According to reports, HC water network for the realization of the above plan, the ongoing mall beta. January 1, 2015 will be a new generation of revision, ultimately: Media platform, trading platform, service platform, financial platform and logistics platform for the integrated platform.